Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Burda 5/2014 #104

About a month ago, I  found the May issue of Burda. I bought it from the guy that sells magazines opposite The Stanely hotel. I have bought magazines from him in the past but he has never had Burda, It's very hard to find sewing patterns in Nairobi so I was very happy with my find.
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 I fell in love with this dress especially the sleeves and set about to trace and sew myself some thing to wear. I made a muslin since this is my first time sewing sewing from Burda. My measurements are  is 37-33-40  and this puts me in burda size 42.
gaping neck, bust points too high.

Being a test garment I made it from a cotton bedsheet and sewed only the bodice since that where I have most fitting issues. I did not bother with facings or lining. I finished all edges with bias tape.
I made several mistakes with this top and I will make changes accordingly  in my final garment.
Waist is too tight.
  • I did not staystitch the neckline. Being a V neck, the edges are on the bias and this is gaping like crazy!! To make it worse I stretched the neckline when sewing the bias edging and made it worse. Point to note: STAY-STICH.
  • Burda size 42 is a waist of 30 so this top is  a bit tight on the waist, I will go up a size in my final garment.
  • I put in a side zipper rather than a back zipper and did not match up the side seams well.
    Mismatched zipper.
  • Stiff cotton is not the right fabric for this pattern but since I was testing out the pattern,  I did not want to waste good fabric.
  • Bust points are too high. 
I will eliminate the center front seam from my final version 
At least this was made from a 100 bob bedsheet so no loss plus I enjoyed sewing it so I guess its ok
I have worn this top in its messy state though and had no-one call me out for the faults, infact I have had two co-workers ask me where I bought it.
I am still feeling this pattern and I hope to make it up in the right fabric and the right size.
Check out Pinterest for various projects that have made from this issue.
Thanks for reading.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Where I have been.

So, it's been over a year since I last posted this blog. Life got in the way big time, and I could not get the time to dedicate to blogging and I decided to exit from the blogging world. Life is much more stable now.
I have been sewing and baking, I will share those projects soon.
My work situation changed, I didn't have a job then I got one and it's been up and down. Most importantly, I GOT A BABY GIRL!!!!!!!!!! Her name is Trish and she is 17 weeks old and keeping me busy.
Cute No?
So I hope to post more regularly and share all the things I have been cooking and sewing.
 Thanks for reading.