Thursday, July 5, 2012

Still here.

I haven't totally dropped off the face of the earth although seeing I haven't updated this blog since January,  I might as well have.
I lost my mojo then life got in the way so I haven't had much time to make cards as I did before and any crafting time of late is dedicated my other hobbies.
Anyhow, I made a quick card for a friend  and I thought I should share it here.
 I needed some inspiration for the card so I used the sketch provided by the clean&simple stamping blog challenge no 197.

The very interesting thing about my card is that a lot of the materials are recycled. See that ribbed cardboard? It had wrapped a bouquet of flowers from last Valentine and the flowers are handmade from a Valentine's card envelope. The twine had wrapped a gift I received last year from a giveaway win. That's why  I never throw anything away!
Thanks for reading and I promise not to be a stranger.