Thursday, December 29, 2011

Rolled Paper flower tutorial

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas. Today I want to share a simple way to a make rolled paper flower like this one on this card.

First gather your materials. White glue, quilling paper strips, quilling needle or a pen. My quilling strips are usually A4 length which is quite long for this type of flower so I cut the strips in half.
Apply a tiny spot of glue to the end of a strip.
Next roll the paper around the handle of the quilling needle or pen or whichever round object you are using such that the spot of glue will hold to the rest of the strip like so,
 proceed to roll the rest of the paper and add another spot of glue at the end  so that the coil will not unroll.
Remove the coil carefully and set it aside for the glue to completely dry.
pinch one end of the paper roll in the same way you do when making teardrop shapes.
Apply glue to the flat sides of the coils and glue 5 of them together to form a flower. I added a shiny bling to the center to add more interest.
The size of your petals will be determined by the circumference of the object you are using to roll the paper.  Thanks for reading and share link to your creation if you make a flower using this tutorial.


  1. very nice, and simple to make!!!!

  2. Lovely blog and thank you for the tutorial on quilling! I have never tried to do this!

  3. where do u get the quilling material in nairobi