Thursday, December 15, 2011

Handmade Christmas cards, Day one

I always give out handmade cards for Christmas and this year is no exception. I will share my handmade christmas cards with you over the next couple of days and how I made them. I hope you will be inspired as you do your own holiday crafting.
I used paper embroidery technique to make my first card.

I searched online for a simple Christmas image ( I found one here) , then printed it out on normal paper. Next, I taped the paper over the cream card stock and punched holes with a safety pin through both papers. Lastly, I used pink embroidery thread to make "back stitches" on the holes and voila, an embroidered card.
If you don't have Christmas stamps, have no fear. Type your sentiment on Ms Word using a fancy font then print on cardstock.
I was tempted to go overboard with the card but since am making lots of them It's best to keep things clean and simple.


  1. Welcome back to blogland you have been MIA for a while

  2. very nice !!!!!