Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Zipper pouch

I was lucky to find this large sheet of quilted fabric with a cute duck/apple print and I bought it intending to sew potholders and mittens.

The fabric has a thin batting hence is quite sturdy and I thought I'd sew a zipper pouch to hold my make up and other knick knacks that end up getting lost in my purse.
I used the only zipper that was at hand which unfortunately happened to be purple and having no black thread I used white. I still have some left over fabric and if I make another one I will use a matching zipper ( blue or white ) and matching thread.

I still have enough fabric left over for the mittens and pot holder and a few more pouches, Maybe even a boxy pouch like this:
Image from Three bears
I am sewing more for myself nowadays and I have two tops already that I will share as soon as I get a chance to take the pictures.
One using the  Sorbetto top pattern from Collette the other one from a free magazine pattern.
Thanks for reading.

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